Monday, 23 May 2011

China, Illonois: Adult Swim's Best Draft Pick

I've taken a look at what's available on the various new shows that Adult swim has given the green light on and I have to say that Brad Neely's show "China, Il" looks like the best original animation of the lot.

Luckily, seeing Brad's previous work on the series is actually easy to do. Check out his website's video page to see all the videos he has posted about the characters from China, Il.  Be warned, his sense of humour is not for the timid, weak of heart, or the easily offended.  The style isn't really animation at all in those videos though... they're based around perfectly timed still plates with the occasional crudely animated section thrown in.  Hopefully, with the Adult Swim deal, Brad will have the budget to add more animation sequences.

I haven't watched all the episodes on Brad's website yet, but a friend directed me to the two funniest videos that I've seen so far. "George Washington" and the "The Professor Brothers - Bible History #1 (Sodom & Gomorrah)".

Bible History

The Professor Brothers - Bible History #1 (Sodom & Gomorrah)