Saturday, 3 September 2011

First Look: Napolean Dynamite Trailer

So apparently Napolean Dynamite is going to be an animated series on FOX in 2012.  I watched the trailer with apprehension.  I thought Napolean Dynamite was alright as a movie, but it's true comic genius was in how it inspired the people around me to imitate it in various situations that had no connection to the movie at all.  That I appreciated.

I watched the trailer for the animated series with apprehension because I thought that it would be a producers wet dream as opposed to something of any comedic value.  Looks like I might be wrong though.  After watching the trailer and various clips from the show it appears that it might be able to hold it's own and take the show into the arena of original animation.  Here's hoping.

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  1. i was just wondering last night what happened to Jon Heder.